Holiday Strength & Conditioning

I get a lot of questions about what to do during the off season. So I thought I would post the sessions I am doing right now. We have had a break but are now in a strength and conditioning phase for a few weeks.

DAY 1: Weights
DAY 2: Running session 1
DAY 3: Weights
DAY 4: Running session 2
DAY 5: Weights
DAY 6: Running session 3
DAY 7: Rest day
EACH DAY: core exercises

Session 1
Active warm up
2 x 5 EL Lateral lunge
2x15m EW Lateral skipping, walk back
3×3 Double leg jump – stick each landing; walk back
2x10m EL 90degree hopping
1×5 30m rolling start acceleration; walk back
1×5 20m side-step rolling start acceleration; walk back
1×5 10m acceleration; walk back
1×6 5m Box drill (Slide-Fwd-slide-Bwd); start 3 to R, 3 to L; 5sec recovery btw reps

Cool down

Session 2
Session is to be done on bike, rower, or treadmill. Each set is a 4min block
3min warm-up
1. 30sec sold-30sec easy
2. 20sec sold-20sec easy
3. 10sec solid-10sec easy
Repeat twice = 1 set
Complete 3 sets
3min easy cool down & Stretch

My current training location. Running on the beautiful grounds of Sleep Haven Boarding Cattery

Session 3
Active warm up
2 x 5 EL Lateral lunge
2x10m Fast skipping; walk back
2×5 EL Diagonal Bounding; walk back
2×5 Jump squats; 30sec rest btw sets
1×5 30m rolling start acceleration; walk back
1×5 20m side-step rolling start acceleration; walk back
1×5 10m acceleration; walk back
2×3 5m Shuttle Fwd-Bwd; 1rep=out & back; 15sec rest btw sets
2×3 5m Shuttle Sideways; 1rep=out & back; 15sec rest btw sets

Cool down

These are gk specific exercises. Please speak to a professional before undertaking these exercises.

About me

Making her debut in 2006 at the Champions Trophy tournament in the Netherlands Lynch has now become a regular feature in the Hockeyroos side. Lynch was the number one goalkeeper at both the 2010 World Cup and Commonwealth Games, performing extremely well at both tournaments. With the London Olympics under a year away Lynch will be looking to cement her spot in order to chase that dream of Olympic Gold.


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Reply October 24, 2013

Have you got a video demonstration on how to do these strength and conditioning excersises?
I admire your work. I am too a hockey gk, but I play for a team in the wheatbelt region of WA.
Anyway, thanks for the tips and for making the site for other goal keepers :)

    Reply October 24, 2013

    Which parts would be most helpful? Let me know and I'd be happy to film something for you

Reply September 24, 2014

HI Rachael, very useful stuff, thank you for posting. could you elaborate on how to do the below exercises whose terms im not familiar with in english? maybe if you already did this on youtube videos, i can take a look...thank you!


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