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Hi guys,
Thanks for coming on and checking out my new site. This idea came about after a young goalkeepers’ parent brought it to my attention that there are very few resources out there for young aspiring goalkeepers. I was very privileged to go through my career with some amazing coaches who taught me everything I know today but specialist coaches are few and far between. The purpose of my site is to share the knowledge I have gained over the years and hopefully provide a resource where goalkeepers can learn new skills, get ideas for drills and ask any question they like about goalkeeping or hockey in general. It is also a useful tool for any club or school coach who may want some help with the goalkeeper in their team.

I will also be posting updates and photos from tours and tournaments so you can all keep up to date with the Hockeyroos progress towards London 2012.

Id love to hear your suggestions and questions so feel free to send something through or click subscribe to receive weekly updates on my posts and the site.

Bye for now


Argentina Hockey Field

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Skills session 5: Go for everything!!
August 15, 2011
A stroke from my club grandfinal
Skills Session 4: Strokes
August 06, 2011


Anne Marie Lynch
Reply July 26, 2011

Very very proud of you sweetie. You have worked hard for all you have achieved and you deserve everything good in your life.

Darryl Smith
Reply July 27, 2011

Looks great Rach we are all very proud of you Love to see you soon,perhaps you can help me understand all the rules and umpires, may be even a rule book.
cheers Darryl

Lynne Collings
Reply July 28, 2011

Just want you to know that we are tuning in Rach and watching and cheering your every move!!! Go Rachael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x x x x x
Ron, Lynne and Giles

Celia Blackwood
Reply August 5, 2011

What a great idea Rachel. Students keen to learn hockey at Eltham College are always interested that you started your hockey here & that I knew you as a student & neighbor. It helps them forget their injuries & return back to the game. Well Done, Celia

    Reply August 18, 2011

    Hey Celia
    So great to hear from you. And nice to hear you are still at Eltham College. I keep in regular contact with David and always love hearing how the hockey teams are going. Hopefully i can pop in again soon and say hi. Hope you are your family are keeping well. rach

Sarah Hinojosa
Reply August 18, 2011

Hi Rachel,
This is an awesome resource! And I thank you much! I am currently an assistant varsity field hockey coach and my job is to work with the goal keepers for my local high school. I was a goal keeper 15 years ago and achieved great lengths. I am wondering if there are new techniques and would like to brush up on my coaching knowledge. I am looking forward to this resource and your knowledge to help me improve the skills of our goal keepers. Before I ask you a bunch of questions I am going to check out your posts first. Thank you!
Sarah Hinojosa
Yuba City, California

    Reply August 18, 2011

    Hey Sarah
    Thanks very much for your email. Im glad you like the site. The purpose of it is to help people like yourself who just want easy access to information, drills and tips. Please let me know what may be helpful and ill pop up a post for you. I hope too that your gk's will check it out and see if they can learn something from it or even ask a few questions. Please keep in touch

Reply June 28, 2012

Hi its annalise i am from merimbula public school. I am sorry that you didn't get i bet your really good they dont know what there missing out on (you.) Well dont think any of us ever gave up on you because we never did and never will . We all had a really good time talking to you. :)

From Annalise

    Reply July 5, 2012

    Thanks so much Annalise. Your kind words means a lot to me.
    I hope you are all going well

annalise goldspink
Reply June 28, 2012


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