Obo – Right Glove Review

Episode 18 Right Glove Saves

The ROBO Hi Control “tube” is loved by many goalies around the World. It gives you total freedom of movement of the wrist by having an open back making rebounds more accurate, comfortable to wear and extremely easy to use.
World League Save
I have always played with the Hi Control style and feel it is the most effective. The main part of the glove is where your hand is and that’s how hand eye coordination works. I also find the Hi Control much better for stick saves on the ground and diving. It allows me to move the stick around in my hand, which is crucial for me when diving and especially in one on ones.
Goalkeeper training hockey
The Hi Control Right Hand Protector allows more control of saves when using the ‘punching’ action. Generally the ball will go wide or over the goal not back across the body like the other styles of gloves.

My Hot Tip: Sometimes this glove can feel a little loose so I like to keep the glove nice and tight by adding a little bit of tape around the saving face and the front ‘nose’.


  1. Geoff Batt says:

    Thanks for the review Rachael. Your comments ring equally true at a club-player level – particularly around stick work on the ground. I tried the OBO Hi-rebound right glove for a season but found it too restrictive for diving and ground play – as you say, for players like me where that’s a big part of the game, the Hi-Control is a much better fit

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for the review. This is great read and very helpful.

    My family just brought me the high rebound left and right hand protectors for my birthday so I can’t wait to see how they go this year.

    I’m not sure about the gear I have been using as it’s been my clubs for a few weeks and then one of our wonderful GKs lent me her old gear for to use until I have my own.

    The right protector I was using from her kit felt too lose for me and while I had good control it was quite uncomfortable as I prefer tightness since my hands and wrists are quite small. As I’m not 100% sure of what type of protector I was/am still currently using I can’t make any comparisons but am looking forward to seeing how everything goes.

    Do you have any tips or tricks to look for while use the high rebound style protector? I know you prefer the high control but thought I’d ask just in case there was anything you can recommend as well.

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