Narrogin Supa Clinic

A few weeks ago Bianca Greenshields and I were invited down south to coach at the Narrogin Supa Clinic. Kids came from far and wide to attend the two day clinic that is held annually at the Narrogin Hockey field. B and I had a ball. We had a fantastic group of kids who all brought their skills and enthusiasm. Each day the three groups rotated through a yoga class, defensive skills with B and some goal shooting with me. Yeh I know I know, what would I know about goal shooting. Yes I am a goal keeper but I do spend a lot of time with the strikers and I actually listen and take in what the coaches teach them. Luckily the kids were all very talented and picked up the new skills very quickly.

On day two we decided to put the kids through their paces with the Hockeyroos warm up. This involved 30 seconds at 4 different stations with a different exercise at each one. The kids had to do 2 laps all up so 8 exercises with a sprint in between. The exercises included push ups, squats, mountain climbers, lunges, squat holds, quick feet, static holds and jumps. Most exercises were done very well but I will say that I was shocked with the senior boys push up ability. Keep working at it boys and I look forward to seeing improvement next year 😉

B and I were certainly looked after while we were down there. The country hospitality was as good as always including some beautiful food at the local pub and a comfortable nights stay at the Albert Facey Motel. The weekend was run by Rodney Johnson, from Upper Great Southern Hockey, who did a fantastic job and was a wonderful host for us. We hope the kids enjoyed the two days and cant wait to get down there again for a visit.

Bianca: “I loved having this opportunity to do some coaching again and to meet a group of kids who were so enthusiastic about hockey was fantastic. The country hospitality and feel is always welcoming and I would jump at the opportunity to do it again.”

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