I am an OBO keeper

Many people ask me for recommendations on gear so I thought I would put up a post with all the equipment I use. OBO lead the hockey world when it comes to Goalkeeping gear. They produce the very best quality equipment and have been keeping goalies safe for years. I have been lucky enough to have the support of OBO for my whole international career and I know that I can not play my best hockey without it on.

If you are looking at purchasing your first set of gear then I have two pieces of advice for you. Number one: Always try the gear before you buy it. Borrow some from your club, a friend or a team mate and try training in it to see if you are comfortable and like the feel of the gear. Number two: Buy gear that fits you perfectly. The gear is quite expensive and if you are a young keeper then yes you will grow out of it quickly but if it does not fit properly then you will not be able to move efficiently and your saves will be less effective. As a junior I was lucky enough to borrow gear from my school then Greensborough, my club. Every year I would save up for a new piece of equipment or put in a request to santa. If you need assistance just pop into any Hockey World or OBO store or you can email me through the site.

OBO Robo Hi rebound Leg Guards and Kickers

OBO Robo left and right hand Gloves

OBO Body Armour and Arm Guards

OBO Padded Shorts and Pelvic Protector

OBO Helmut

Hockeyroos Goalie Smock

OBO Wheelie Bag

Special thanks to Steve Zang for the photos and Georgia Nanscawen for her help in the design of my helmet and leg guards


  1. Eric says:

    I want to get a female’s review on the new OBO body armour? I havent seen it over here in the US but whats your thoughts on it?

    • Rach says:

      Hi Eric
      I tried the body armour for the first time the other day and it way too short in the body. Im not sure how guys will go wearing it. I have quite a long body and it leaves a lot of area exposed. So much so that I wont wear it. I think it is a medium so maybe the large is better. Also there is a strap on the back that you have to undo in order to get it on but then cant do it back up as it is behind you. Strange. Otherwise it looks ok.

      • Eric says:

        Hi Rachael,
        Thank you for the feedback. I have a female
        goalie that I train and we wanted to hear how the new body armour felt. Shes very short compared to you so maybe we will give it a try when it comes to the states. Thanks again!!

  2. ReeceP says:

    I also pretty much consider myself an OBO keeper – I do have Mazon Body Armour and Gryphon padded shorts, but that’s mostly because I don’t quite have the body size/shape for the OBO stuff to be properly comfortable.

    The remarkable thing about OBO gear is the “how did I ever….” feeling you have after getting used to it. I started my senior career with Gryphon Evo 1’s (horrible kit that I found quite unsafe) and when I upgraded to OBO Yahoo’s it was a case of “how did I ever survive without these?” and this season when my Yahoo’s finally packed it in and I upgraded to Robo it was again “how did I survive without Hi-Rebound?”

  3. mike@obo says:

    The strap on the back is to adjust fit and should not be undone to put the chest on. Instead, undo the side straps that attach on the front of the chest, and pull the chest on like a t-shirt. Then fasten the side straps again.

    The chest is designed to be a bit shorter so that you can bend more easily. Maybe it is a little too short at the moment, so we will be adding ~ 40 mm to the bottom of the chest in the next production run which should be enough as long as you wear your pants right up on your waist where they should be.

    • Rach says:

      Thanks Mike. Makes sense but obviously us Hockeyroos do too many weights at the gym as neither Cronky or I could get even close to getting it over our shoulders with the strap still on. She loves it though as her short body makes for a perfect fit. I think the bit extra on the bottom will make a difference and maybe I need a large anyway. Its great to have a more fitted design either way.

  4. sarah says:


    I was just wondering if anyone knows where in the US i could buy the new body protector ?? I play field hockey in college and need to order some new equipment in for next semester, and the smaller the chest guard the better for me I don’t like bulky protection!

  5. kate says:

    Hi guys
    got a question does any one know if the OBO HR kickers will work with yahoo legguards as im having major problems with kickers and i dont really want to spend money on a brand new set of kit whilst the rest of it is fine

  6. Megan says:

    So I’m very excited just got my new robo body armour! Question if the arms do attch can some please tel me how?


  7. Diana says:

    Rachel, Ive used Mazon gear for many years, and am considering a change.. Have you used Mazon, and if so what is better about the Obo leg gear and kickers to the Mazon?

  8. admin says:

    Hi Diana, I have use Grays, Gryphon and Obo throughout my career but never Mazon. It is a popular choice for male keepers but I find OBO is the best for females. The technology in the foam means you can slide really well where as Mazon have not been able to get this right as yet. Their foam is much more grippy which makes it difficult once any of the gear makes contact with the turf. I hope that helps 🙂

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