Eltham College – Michael Van Nugteren Cup 2011

My high school, Eltham College, holds an annual hockey event in honour of a wonderful coach who looked after the school hockey program but passed away some time ago from cancer. He made such an impact at the school that the ‘friends of hockey’ started holding this ex students versus current students hockey game. This year the timing was perfect as I happened to be in town for the game. There were many current and ex school hockey players who attended and we all had a great day running around and playing some reasonable hockey. I had a go on the field instead of goalkeeper and boy did I have fun! I did manage to score a goal after a beautiful ball was crossed by Drew Anthony so hopefully that made up for the many mistakes I made. I sometimes forget that I do not have kickers on so are not allowed to use my feet.

The Eltham College kids are off to Canberra for the Quickstix carnival so I wish them all the very best of luck. A big thank you to Luke Mackey for all his hard work and preparation and of course to ‘friends of hockey’ for their on going work. Check out some of the photos below.

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