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Want to be the best?
Train with the best!

Your very own guided goalkeeper training program.

26 specialised coaching videos per year.
Fortnightly email updates and tips.
Members only community.
Priority event & clinic access. 

Your ultimate online training program.

Receive detailed skills training videos from Australian Goalkeeper Rachael Lynch. Videos are delivered fortnightly via our easy to use platform that will allow you to log in and access the latest videos and review our archive of past skills sessions. Total of 26 videos over 12 months

Consistent practice of basic skills is crucial so this program will give you targeted training throughout the year allowing you to consistently practice all the necessary skills you need to progress your goalkeeping and become a game changer for your team.

No longer will you stand in the net and just be target practice for your team mates.

Use these instructional videos, with the help of your coach, team-mate or parent, to guide your training sessions and make little improvements every day.

Want to be the best?
Train with the best!

Your very own guided goalkeeper training program.

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Stomp Goalkeeping – your very own guided goalkeeper training program covering all skills, techniques, mental approach and more. Train with Hockeyroo Rachael Lynch and join the online Stomp Goalkeeping community.

As a specialised position and minority in a team of 16, training is often focused on field players and goalies are left to being target practice. My dream is for all goalkeepers to feel empowered, supported and to get the targeted training they need and deserve. I am here to help and will be with you every step of the way.

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  • Includes 26 specialised coaching videos per year (delivered fortnightly)
  • Access to past video library. Revisit and refine taught skills.
  • Fortnightly email updates.
  • Access to members only Facebook Group - Discuss techniques and games with goalies from around the world.
  • Early access to all Rachael Lynch coaching clinics as well as exclusive access to members only clinics
  • Opportunity to purchase exclusive STOMP GOALKEEPING merchandise and equipment

About Rachael

Born in Melbourne, Lynch took up hockey after being selected in the primary schools state team. She competed in the 2005 Junior World Cup in Chile before making her international senior team debut at the 2006 Champions Trophy in the Netherlands. In 2014 she was awarded Goalkeeper Of The Tournament at the World Cup and then nominated for International Goalkeeper Of The Year. Now a veteran Hockeyroo, Olympian, dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist, and World Cup silver medallist, Rachael Lynch has played in over 150 games for Australia.
Off the field Lynch works as a registered nurse, runs STOMP Goalkeeping and is very active promoting mental health awareness as an ambassador for RUOK? Day.
Rachael Lynch