Skills session 5: Go for everything!!

Hey guys, welcome to my fifth skills session. I hope you are finding them useful. This session is really about your attitude to goal keeping more than anything else. It is a piece of advice that, if followed, will improve your goal keeping out of sight.

Very simply – ‘Go for everything!’

This means in training and in games. It’s about doing everything you can to save or go for every shot. As a goal keeper you simply can’t afford to be letting a single ball go by, hoping it will miss. You can never know when a striker may come diving in to tap that ball in on the post. That’s their job also – to never let an opportunity slip by!

The other reason this is an important attitude to adopt is that sometimes you will surprise yourself and pull off saves you thought you couldn’t. My video below is an example of this. I thought I was completely out of the play but by running and diving anyway I managed to get lucky and pull off a save.

So start focusing on saving every shot during training. If you find yourself letting balls go then step out of the goal, take a moment to re-focus then jump back in and ‘go for everything’.

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  1. Madeleine Cho says:

    Love it! Feel free to post anymore highlights! I saw one of your saves on Youtube from the strokes during the CWG final and would love to see more. Any chance to watch some quality keeping and learn from it.

    I had my first hockey after a two week “off-season” tonight and watching this just makes me want to get out there even more! These kinds of saves are the ones every keeper wants to make, and I can’t wait for my chance to make one this upcoming season. Whether it be in training or in a game, it’s almost more fun in training since you get to beak your teammate who shot it afterwards 😉
    Seeing you make the save though also helps in grain the mentality of “Go for Everything!” It reminds me that no matter what, there’s always the possibility that I can make the save. I know what I’m watching if I ever find myself after a training session, or a game (hopefully never), where I just didn’t do all I could. It will definitely help rekindle my motivation and my basic goalie drive in time for the next session!

    On another note, do you know the keepers for the men’s “A” team? I’m going to get to watch the “A” team when they come to Canada for the Cangaroo Clash next month. I’m looking forward to seeing some more high level hockey.


  2. Peter Wroblewski says:

    Good work Rach 😉
    loving the info, helping out everyone, i have spread the word around the club, hopefully you have more followers, keep it up 🙂

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