Skills Session 11: Goalkeeper speed work

Two attributes that are very important for all goalkeepers are speed and agility. Being able to move your feet quickly both forward and laterally gives you the best chance of getting into the right position for every shot.

Below is a video I have put together with the help of three of Australia’s greatest men’s goalkeepers. Nathan Burgers, Stephen Lambert and Stephen Mowlam are all inspirations to me, setting the bar so high with their abilities and success at an international level.

The footage is from a session they did back in 2008 in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. The guys are all very quick and coordinated so check out the video and try using these drill suggestions and see if you can get your speed and agility up to this level.

I use ladder drills as a way of getting my legs moving before a game or training so when I get my gear on I know that I will be feeling quick and sharp. It is also a great tool to use during the off season. Please ensure you seek the guidance of a coach or trained professional before trying these drills. As with all exercise, there is risk of injury.


For warm up I like to use a variety of ladder drills but my favourites are:
– Single step in each square
– Two steps in each square
– Two steps in each square with high knees
– Lateral with two steps in each square once each way

This does not take long but make sure each one is done as quick as possible and with good technique

For more ideas have a look at this video I found on youtube

About me

Making her debut in 2006 at the Champions Trophy tournament in the Netherlands Lynch has now become a regular feature in the Hockeyroos side. Lynch was the number one goalkeeper at both the 2010 World Cup and Commonwealth Games, performing extremely well at both tournaments. With the London Olympics under a year away Lynch will be looking to cement her spot in order to chase that dream of Olympic Gold.


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Reply January 15, 2012

Awesome article/video. I'm so glad to see an article about the footwork of gk's because I feel that it is the foundation of the position. Would it be possible to see a sample speed ladder routine that you perform before game/training?

    Reply January 15, 2012

    Thanks for the feedback Eric. I will put something together for you

      Reply January 15, 2012

      Thanks so much!

Emily Wilson
Reply February 1, 2012

Hi Rachael
My name is Emily and I am 10 years old, I love being a goalie, last year I played under 10s. under 12s and 2 under 15 games it was awesome I made the under 11 rep side too, I LOVE the video with the ladder and have asked mum for one for my birthday. Can you please show me how to dive, please thank you

    Reply February 3, 2012

    Hi Emily, thanks for your comment. I am really glad to hear you love goalkeeping and it sounds like you have done really well with it. Keep up the good work. I noticed today that rebel sport sell the ladders so maybe you could mention that to your mum. They are great and Im sure you team mates would have a lot of running playing with it too. I have a post on my website about diving. Have a read and if you still need help then let me know. Good luck

Reply September 24, 2014

HI Rachael, unfortunately these videos are in private. any other links you can recommend to watch for speed and ladder drills? thank you! Mafs

Reply November 17, 2014

Hi Rachael :),
It won't let me view the videos as it says they are private? Could you please let me know if there are any other ways for me to view them?
Much Appreciated

    Reply November 17, 2014

    Unfortunately some of the videos have since been deleted. I was write an updated one as soon as possible. What sort of things are you after? Strength or conditioning?

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