Dealing with injuries – Hockeyroos Ash Nelson & Marnie Hudson

Ash Nelson talks about how she is managing her current injury

Tell me about your injury: Severe patella tendonitis in my left knee (previous ACL repair)

How long are you out for: 12 – 16 weeks

What does your training involve now and how many sessions:

Monday: Work capacity session – chin ups, kettlebell, boxing, situps etc
Tuesday: Swim with pool buoy (60 mins), Gym (lower and upperbody – 2 hours), individual skills session
Wednesday: Water running (60 mins)
Thursday: Bike session (50 mins) and Gym (2 hours)
Friday: Kyak/swim/work capacity session and individual skills
Saturday: Weights (lower body) and bike session (45mins)

How do you stay connected to the team:

Attend all group meeting’s even if I am at another training venue. I also attempt to help out fellow team mates during individual sessions E.g. Using ball machine, picking up balls, passing etc. I guess by catching up outside of hockey socially for tea/breakfast is another fun way to keep connected and know what’s happening in and around the group.

What keeps you motivated:

The fact that I still have a chance to get back in time for the Olympics. Also having supportive staff pushing me and making sure that I am attending to my rehab correctly keeps me progressing and motivated.

What is the hardest part about being injured:

Watching the team and teammates progress and you not being able to be a part of that. It is also difficult while the team is playing games or away on tour not to feel like you are missing out on development and an opportunity to obtain a position in the team.

What supports do you get:

Family and the girls you are close with in the team are really supportive. Having staff including Ex Physiologists, trainers and Physiotherapists are also really supportive in assisting you in your rehabilitation process. If further psychological support is required during this often difficult time we also have a Psychologist who offers support and constructive advice to maintain motivation.

How important is it to do the right things when injured:

Really important even though it is hard to maintain motivation. By often being alone and doing your own rehab it can be easy to take short cuts but I dont want to miss out on the Olympics because I didn’t do my rehab properly and live with such regrets.

Marnie Hudson talks about managing her injury

Tell me about your injury:
I have Avascular Narcosis of my second toe which in laymen’s term means I have limited circulation to my second toe which resulting in my toe bone to deteriorate, stemming from a broken toe as a child or a bone deformity called frysberg syndrome.

How long are you out for:
It is unclear as to how long I will be out of action as it’s quite an unusual injury, but so far in a moon boot for 7 weeks.

What does your training involve now and how many sessions:
A lot of upper body work in the gym to maintain my upper body strength and cycling, water running and swimming twice a week to retain some level of cardio-vascular fitness.

How do you stay connected to the team:
I’m lucky to live with one of my team mates who happen’s to be our team’s social queen so I never miss an occasion. I also go to a few skill sessions and help out around the pitch collecting balls just to keep my feelers on what’s happening at training.

What keeps you motivated:
Just the simple thrill of having an opportunity to become an olympian.

What is the hardest part about being injured:
For me the feeling of the unknown. So whether it’s short term or something i’ll have for the rest of my life. And the more obvious of missing out on tours and falling behind in my skills.

What supports do you get:
I’ve had great support from all staff at the AIS/Hockeyroos

How important is it to do the right things when injured:
For me it’s extremely important to do the right things as it is with any injury. My injury requires no weight bearing activities on my right foot so I can give myself the best chance at a speedy recovery.

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