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Hi Rebound VS Hi Control Leg Guards

Hi Control V Hi Rebound Leg Guards…which one is better and what is it difference!

The Robo Hi Rebound Leg Guards wings are wide and present square to the pitch meaning you have a bigger saving area and are best suited to an upright keeper. The Hi Rebound uses harder foams on the wing for stiffness while the inner uses softer foams to give maximum rebound.

The Hi Control leg guards are slightly slimmer and reflect the shape of the human leg suiting a more aggressive and agile keeper who frequently slides and scrambles. The front face uses very durable harder foams and is also slightly rounded offering baseline clearances … control over rebound.

Sizing is another element that goalkeepers play around with. Many goalkeepers around the World who fit large leg guards choose to wear Medium as they find the Medium leg guards allow for even greater agility. If you are in between sizes and want that little bit of extra coverage and protection of the knee and lower thigh a large leg guard will offer you this coverage and protection while still having freedom of movement.

I personally feel very comfortable in the medium leg guards even though I can fit large. Agility is a key aspect of my game so having the slightly shorter leg guards allows me complete freedom of movement.

And the cherry on top…you can choose the colours that will give you the extra edge you need! Check out my RUOK? Custom Leg Guards!

For even more detail on both of these products head on over to…
– http://www.obo.co.nz/ranges/robo/hi-rebound-leg-guards
– http://www.obo.co.nz/ranges/robo/hi-control-leg-guards

I am so passionate about my RUOK? Leg guards. Here is the story behind them.

Q. What inspired you to design the R U OK? leg guards?
A. I am very passionate about wearing the green and gold for australia. We have a fantastic opportunity as athletes to make a difference using our profile so I thought why not get some leg guards made that can remind people all over the world to check in with others and start meaningful conversations. Plus it will remind the girls at training to look out for eachother too. The people at OBO kindly agreed to make the unique and one of a kind gear for me after Little Pippen Designs put through a template. I think they look fantastic.

Q. Did other hockey players have leg guard envy when they saw them?
A. The girls love my RUOK? leg guards. All the Hockeyroos are big supporters of RUOK? and they always jump on board in helping promote the message.

Q. Do you aspire to have a career in sport fashion?
A. I definitely don’t aspire to have a career in sports fashion. There is very little that is fashionable about goalie gear but hopefully my RUOK? Branded leg guards might change that 😉

Q. What do you hope people will do when they see the shin guards?
A. I hope to spread the RUOK? Message far and wide with the new gear. For those who know RUOK? It will be a reminder to ask someone and for those who don’t it will hopefully stimulate some thought and discussion.

Q. How do you promote the power of conversations on the field, and in your day job as a nurse?
A. The RUOK? Message is so simple and can apply to anyone. I like to ask my friends, team mates, colleagues and patients regularly if they are ok. By doing it myself it hopefully encourages others to do the same.

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