Throat guard – Is it necessary?

The throat guard is one of those items that goes unnoticed for most goalies, however it is a piece of equipment that can save your life. Many people ask me if they are necessary and my answer is always a firm YES!

I was hit across the throat once with a ball and once with the follow through of a toma. Without my throat guard on I could have been very badly injured so now I encourage all goalies to wear a throat guard or at least some sort of neck protection on their helmet.

I personally use the OBO Robo Throat Guard which is a “wrap around” style. This is an easy to use and close to the body throat guard so you often don’t notice it there. If you do however find it too hot or too restrictive a dangly style of throat guard will also protect this vulnerable area. These attach to your helmet and hang down moving as the body moves.

I am always pleased to see young goalkeepers protecting themselves properly. Brooke, Lenny and Summer all play for Wasps in WA and you can see them all here wearing their throat guards.

Id love to hear your thoughts. Do you wear one and if so what style do you wear?


  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I use the OBO Robo Cloud Throat Guard. I got myself the OBO Robo cloud body armour set – pants, chest, arms, throat guard mostly because it was in my price range as a starting player but also because it was the best fit for my body.

    The cloud throat guard I’m still after 1 season getting used to it. Unlike the other pieces I got, my throat guard is the hardest to mold to my body shape and size I find. It’s lightweight, and breathable and as it wraps around so its easy enough to put on and take off but I either make it too loose or too tight – practice though and I’ll find the sweet spot for it and my throat.

    After training with out Turf teams for the season (it was my first year, last year I was only on grass) I know how important it is to be wearing one and on the plus side, when it’s cold it’s extra warmth! It’s not my favourite thing to be wearing but extra protection is better then none at all. As my mum says and I’m sure many parents have; “better to be safe then sorry!”

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