QLD GK clinic – Bundaberg

There are so many talented goal keepers around Australia and over the past few months I have been able to coach over 100 of them. Most recently I had the opportunity to work with some juniors and seniors from Queensland at my clinic in Bundaberg. 30 goalies attended the two day clinic where each had the opportunity to spend three and a half hours with me and other keepers their age learning and working on speciality skills.

We covered:
– Bunt kicking
– Toe kicking
– Movement around the goal
– Positioning
– Leg block
– Push pull
– Left glove saves
– Right glove saves
– Lobs
– Double leg block
– Sliding
– Diving intercept
– Penalty corners
– Strokes
– 1 v 1 penalties
– Calling
– Juggling
– Hand eye coordination
– Footwork

Everyone was enthusiastic and tried all the different skills covered. Even the ‘old dogs’ who it turns out can be taught new tricks. Our team of photographers (Conner, Cooper and Harry) did a fantastic job capturing the sessions but due to the amount of photos I had to put them into a video instead of showing each individually. Take a look

Bundaberg Clinic Video

A huge thanks to Bundaberg Hockey Association for hosting me and to David, Kylie, Conner, Harry, Coop and Charlotte Lassig for your wonderful hospitality. I had a ball spending the weekend with you all!

*** My thoughts go out to everyone currently affected by the floods. It is just devastating for Queensland to go through this again. It is hard to believe that only a few weeks ago we were training on a hockey pitch that is now completely under water

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