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Anna Flannigan

Given that 2012 will be all about hockey for us Hockeyroos it has come to our attention that we need something to keep our minds active and amused. If you follow any of us on twitter then you will know that we spend a lot of time on the internet whilst on tour and in our spare time. My excuse is that it is a way to keep in touch with friends and family on the other side of the world (the east coast). I’m also trying to help out the little GK’s of the world with some tips but the blogs below are all unique so if you are keen to follow the lives and stories of a few of the Hockeyroos then take a look.

Ash Nelson: Food is a part of all of our lives but Ash seems to take it to a whole new level. ‘Thefatcow’ is her blog where she writes about Chomping her way through Perth’s cafes and restaurants. She is an amazing resource if you need somewhere new to try and being from WA is part of it but secretly it is because eating is what Ash does to feel happy. Some do it in the comfort of their own home but for Ash she likes to move around from cafe to cafe so no one notices. :p A really great read and plenty of places to visit if you’re in Perth. Check it out at

Emily Hurtz Taking a slightly different angle, Hurty and Steph chose to start a blog recently after numerous requests for the recipes of the food they posted pictures of on Twitter and Instagram. Staple2 has some fabulous recipes with all being healthy and very easy to make. If you are after a tasting treat or wondering what to cook for dinner then you must check out

Anna Flanagan: Our very own journo. Flanno is the only one in the team who actually plans on making a career out of writing and therefore has the skills and vocabulary to do it well. Flanno not only writes about her experience as a Hockeyroo but also shares published articles and her experiences as a journo student. For a laugh head to
Anna Flannigan

Casey Eastham: Our superstar Case does prefer to maintain some level of privacy when it comes to social media and blogging yet still shares great insite into her life on the road to London. She is one of the many athletes who the AOC has asked to keep an ‘athlete diary’ throughout 2012. If you are keen to learn a bit more about Case or any of the targeted Aussie athletes head to


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