Tour update: Perth training camp part 2

Game 3 down and team Gold are sitting on one win, one loss and one draw. Tonight we played the Blue team for the second time in what was a great match. Since our first hit out we have lost a few players to injury and various things so were certainly light on tonight. There was even talk of me putting on some shin guards and having a run in the second half, which I was certainly up for, but unfortunately our coach was not in favour of the idea. I always keep a mouth guard in my bag in case the opportunity does arise. Im still hopeful.

Leading up to our game we were very busy with training, meetings, recovery sessions and of course causing mischief. Our training session in Joondalup was the highlight of the week as many of us had never been there before. The facility was excellent but the long trip down and the high number of lollies consumed in the car made for some delirious girls. Our chief warmer-up-erer then decided to make all the girls role around in the grass which caused continuous itching for the remainder of training. During the session our injured girls have to amuse themselves somehow so this is one of them preparing for battle. Her face is blurred so that her identity is protected.

We now get to enjoy a day off tomorrow then we play our final game against team green on Thursday night. I will have my mouth guard ready just in case but hopefully everyone recovers well and we can finish on a high note.

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