Perth Mother’s Day Classic

This year for Mother’s Day I thought why not treat mum with an early start and an 8km walk in the Perth Mother’s Day Classic to help raise money for breast cancer.

The Mother’s Day Classic is a fun run/walk held Australia wide every year as a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Thousands of people gather to walk or run the 4km or 8km events and many do it in honour of someone they have lost to breast cancer.

The vibe at Langley Park in Perth was fantastic. The air was still and the clouds were slowly making way for the morning sun. The marshalling area was filled with people signing up, buying merchandise and every different shade of pink you can imagine. Some chose to go fancy dress with others in matching team outfits. Our crew consisted of Jayde Taylor, Claire Messent, and myself and of course all of our mums who were in Perth to share the day with us. As you will see below, we went a little more subtle with the pink in our outfits.

We all had a great day and enjoyed our hot breakfast afterwards just that little bit more knowing that we had started the day with a walk in the fresh air and donated money to a great cause.

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