Episode 24 Fitness

Video 24 – Fitness

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Fitness! A word you don’t often see or hear of when talking about goalkeepers. I have certainly copped a lot of slack from team-mates over the years about the lack of fitness training we do. But my response is always, you could have become a goalkeeper but you chose the position that requires you to […]

Episode 21 Warmup

Video 21 – Warmup

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A quality warm up before training and games is vital to maximise your power and flexibility. These exercises can be done over one lap of the field. Work your way around by doing 5 reps of each with some jogging to start and finish. Add in any other extra active exercises you feel you need. […]

Episode 17 Left Glove Saves

Video 17 – Left Glove

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I have spent and continue to spend many hours working on my glove saves. As a young goalkeeper I worked with Michelle Flouch on making strong saves with both my left and right hands. Improving your hand eye coordination will definitely assist here but putting in the time and practising repetition saves is the best […]